Books to Read


I recently just bought Stephen Levitt’s new novel Super Freakonomics. I plan on buying The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss.


This evening, Lonnie Emiard from Blue Cross Blue Shield came into to our Fraternity chapter meeting to talk to us about creating our personal brand. The emphasis was on choice, and how choices have an affect on who we are. He said to never underestimate the power of english and communication. He also talked about the struggles of competing in a global economy. His analogy was that there were 60 jobs for 10 people in the 70’s, while there are 10 jobs for 60 people today. We have to be more unique and more efficient. We have to be the best to get the job. This means that people have to parallel the companies culture.

Network Bash


This afternoon I went to the second annual Network Bash at Clemson University. I found the seminars on LinkedIn and Blogs incredibly interesting and enlightening. In a world basically run by technology, I noticed how as a young, college student that the best thing I can do is to diversify myself. I need to appreciate the blogging world, because the world is becoming more and more connected through blogs and social networks.